Study Assistant

A mobile app concept designed to support students in studying for tests that reinforces good study habits and helps build resilience to other stresses over time.

The Problem


ThoughtSpot is a database of holistically-defined mental wellness resources around Toronto. The goal of "Hackathought" was to identify new ways in which the database could support mental well-being amongst post-secondary students in the GTA.

Post-secondary education is a time of transition for most students, which can introduce new stresses and adversely impact mental well-being. Students who have acquired the behavioural and cognitive skills to cope with stress can prevent mundane activities from catalyzing a downward spiral. Students who don't have those acquired skills, however, often suffer from a positive feedback loop of stress, where high academic stress has a much more significant impact on their academic performance. Poor academic performance merely compounds the problem, putting those students at even greater risk of falling into a crisis state. 

How might we use ThoughtSpot’s resources to empower students to be more resilient to the routine stress of studying for tests?

The Solution

Study PlanS to Support Your Personal Needs

The study plan is built to fit a student's available timeframe, and customized to support their current emotional state. If they're feeling anxious? Praemonstro begins the study plan with a relaxation activity, and breaks between studying will emphasize relaxation. If they're feeling tired or lethargic? Breaks will be more exercise-oriented to re-energize them.

Study Plans As a Journey

Using ThoughtSpot's database of wellness locations, Praemonstro designs a "tour" of locations, guiding students from study sessions in libraries, cafés, etc. to exercise activities in fitness centres to relaxation activities in parks and yoga studios. This provides the user with structure, appropriate study- and break-lengths, and a change of scene.

Study Plans That Adapt Over Time

After each study session, Praemonstro re-evaluates the student's emotional state, and redefines their remaining study plan to support them more effectively. 

No Commitment Required.

This platform is designed to provide value over the space of a single use, unlike many study tools that demand a recurring commitment. This works more effectively with students who might find the most value in this sort of platform, as they are also those least likely to be able regulate their pattern of behaviours to use the platform.

Small Successes Build on One Another

By focusing on a single study session, and encouraging reflection on study successes, Praemonstro helps students acquire those cognitive and emotional behaviours to help them become more resilient in the face of other stresses in their lives.